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Vinyl Decal Installation Instructions: Once you receive your decal take it out of the package and lay it on a flat surface under a book until you are ready to install. Step 1: Lay the decal face down on a table or hard surface and rub firmly with a credit card. This is to make sure the vinyl is stuck well to the transfer tape. Step 2: Make sure the surface you are putting it on is clean and dry. Do not install in direct sunlight, or extremely hot or cold weather. Installing inside a garage is best. 50 to 90 degrees is good temp. range. Step 3: Have masking tape and a ruler ready and lay your decal paper side down on your surface. Hold in place with 2 small pieces of masking tape. Measure to make sure decal is straight. Once straight place a piece of masking tape along the top of your decal so that half the tape is on the decal, and the other half on your surface. Smooth the tape and decal down. Once this is done you should be able to hinge your decal up . Step 4: Once the decal is straight and you hinge it up, slowly remove the backing paper. Do not let the decal fall against your surface until the paper is removed. Step 5: Slowly lower the decal onto your surface, smoothing from side to side as you lower the decal. Once the decal is in place rub firmly with the credit card several times to make sure it is firmly stuck on your surface. Step 6: Now you can slowly remove the transfer tape on top of your decal. If the decal starts to come up with the tape try to lower it again and rub hard it should stick. Once the tape is all off your decal should be firmly stuck to your surface. Enjoy your new decal.